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Stock Chart

Version of the product:1.1.0 for Public Free

Compatible with LC v.1.0.0-1.x.x

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General features


This LiteCommerce application informs users about the quantity of products in stock concerning the initial quantity.


The information is presented in form of a bright graphical indicator, which changes its color depending on the product quantity.


The indicator provides the user with information on the rate of a product sales and its popularity, which may serve as an additional incentive for an immediate purchase.


The shop owner can adjust different parameters of the displayed indicator to an easy-to-use Stock Chart administration panel.


Additional features


The installation of this LiteCommerce add-on is quite a simple process which does not require much effort from the user. Although the installed LiteCommerce add-on can work without the administrator’s interference, we advise adjusting of the module setting to ensure more precise operation.


The website administrator has following options:

  • Enable/disable the add-on
  • Set value percentage for any of the three levels of quantity of goods in stock
  • Assign tooltip message to each level


For any particular product, the above mentioned settings can also be adjusted.


The customer will see the indicator in a different color along with a relevant indicator tooltip message depending on the quantity of products in stock.

Stock Chart
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